Sept. 26

The Growlers w/ Cosmonauts,

Gap Dream & Pangea

Slowdown, 729 N. 14th St.

8 p.m., $13 at the door

Tucked in shirts. Shiny penny loafers. Candle lit dinners. None of these things describe the The Growlers. In fact, the above is pretty much their exact opposite. A better way to have begun this writeup would have been to take that opening line, extruded it through a gangrene infected meat grinder and oozed it out onto a surfboard with a shark bite taken out of it and you may have read something more like this. Booze, sex, late night munchies and a flare for surfer-transe rock ’n’ roll. Yeah, that’s more like it. With shades of Link Wray meshed with The Black Lips and touch of Dick Dale, The Growlers breathe a hot breath down your sweaty neck that shivers your timbers and takes you on a casual psychedelic foray of pain for pleasure.

–James Derrick Schott


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