Nov. 22

Travelling Mercies w/ weldon Keys & The Sons of O’Leaver’s

O’Leaver’s Pub, 1322 South Saddle Creek Rd.

9:30 p.m., $5,

Omaha’s Travelling Mercies describe themselves as American music offered up on a platter of losing lotto tickets, runaway dreams, Midwestern family history, hellfire, and brimstone. To sum that up, they’re roots americana/rock smouldering in an overflowing black ash trey most likely stolen from some cheap diner. Not so much of a sum up but, the sum of their parts are most definitely greater then the whole. Formed in 2009 by aspiring songwriter, Jeremy Holan who’s joined by local music scene stalwarts John Klemmensen, Vern Fergesen, Colin Duckworth and Edward Spencer. If you were one of the cool kids back in the day (and by that I mean around six months ago) you probably caught Jeremy Holan plucking his six string at the (in)famous Trackside Lounge during their weekly epic open mic nights (now at O’Leaver’s). The group recently released their album Motel and have been nominated for an OEAA this year. Dig it.

– James Derrick Schott

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