Through Jan. 12

MEN at WORK (and Play)

Sunderland Gallery

Cultural Center of St. Cecelia Cathedral

3900 Webster St.

Tuesday – Friday, 11 AM – 4 PM, Third Sunday of the month, 10:30 AM – 4 PM

The new work by sculptor Paul Konchagulianthoughtfully constructs a balance between the sacred and profane in this exhibition of steel sculpture on view through Jan.12, 2014. “I really love what steel does,” Konchagulian said at his opening, “how malleable and flexible it can be. Glenn Zweygardt, my sculpture teacher at Alfred University was an inspiration to keep making work, not get too fussy, and maintain a rhythm of production. He taught us skills and how to physically make something. He believed art couldn’t be taught, that it was the result of each individual’s particular sensibility.” Konchagulian’s sensibility informs his signature weld of skillful fabrication with good humor. “My welds are never ground,” he said. “I stitch the piece three inches at a time, welding the top and then the bottom to allow the bead to cool.” More of Konchagulian’s sculpture can be seen throughout Omaha at

— Mary Day

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