The Faint will release Doom Abuse, their sixth studio album, Tuesday, April 8th on SQE Music.

The 12-song album is now available for pre-order via iTunes or Those who pre-order the album on iTunes will get a song right away and then a new song each week leading up to the April 8th release date, singer Todd Fink says.

Fink says the idea behind the song-a-week concept is tied to the whole idea of a rush release of the album. There will be just more than a month between the announcement of the new album and it’s actual release.

The album will also be available on CD and vinyl. Vinyl enthusiasts should take special note, as the band will offer a limited edition gatefold double-LP version, which includes the synth-heavy indie dance-rock band’s previous white-label tour-only EP, released in 2012.

SQE Music’s U.S. office, located in Los Angeles, is ran by Zane Smythe, who previously served as the Faint’s assistant manager. SQE Music is also home to indie-minded acts including Johnathan Rice, CSS and Desert Noises.

Fink says the SQE label will be the band’s home for the forseeable future, though he hasn’t ruled out doing future projects or releases with Saddle Creek Records, which released the Faint’s first four albums.

Both Pitchfork and NPR premiered songs off the new album, while the band also unveiled a new video for the album’s lead-off track, “Help in the Head”. Tim Nackashi directed the clip for the song.

The band tracked the record in their band-owned space, Enamel Studios, and mixed with Mike Mogis at ARC Studios here in Omaha. Both processes happened simultaneously, with Mogis basically mixing the previous day’s recordings while the band worked on new material across town. 

Fink says it was a pretty crazy and busy time, but the rushed environment was by design.

“We wanted to be in this state of emergency,” he says.

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