Mar, 23

INFLUENCE OF THE TIMES, Classical, Jazz, Romantic.

Omaha Symphony Symphony Joslyn

Carmelo Galante, clarinet

Thomas Wilkins, conductor

Joslyn Art Museum’s Witherspoon Hall

2200 Dodge St.

2 p.m. Tickets $10-$30

As time moves ever onward, composers reflect the sounds that surround them, musically pointing toward the future. Leonard Bernstein and Morton Gould were moved by America’s homegrown music, jazz, merging it into symphonic dimensions, inspired by conceptions of Woody Herman and Benny Goodman. Their brilliance is evoked anew when Omaha’s Carmelo Galante picks up the challenge and his clarinet.  He likewise delves into unique permutations of tango by Argentinian genius Astor Piazzolla. We don’t hear as much now from or about Belgium’s François-Joseph Gossec.  He delighted in what his contemporaries Haydn and Mozart were doing and in the indigenous harmonies and rhythms influencing them. Walking in those same footsteps, he created delightful symphonies. Experience one. About 100 years later Johannes Brahms was equally influenced by the same masters and by the folk music he cherished, flowing those sources into his Serenade No. 2. The orchestra soars and surges through these stretches of time.

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