University of Nebraska Theatre

Weber Fine Arts Building,

6001 Dodge Street

7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $5-$15.

The lady of the house is bored. Sure she has money. Plus she has admirers.  But that’s not enough. And she has antagonists too. Adding it all up though, she doesn’t feel sufficiently significant. Her dreary husband and the bonds of marriage of her day constrict the chest and choke the throat. Witness her encircled by family and friends, hemming her in. Hedda has a lot on her sometimes confused mind. Freud hadn’t yet written about neuroses such as hers when Henrik Ibsen probed the intricacies of her turmoil. His ground-breaking, realistic take on such complexities includes raising feminist issues at a time when audiences weren’t open to them. For this world-famed classic, the time is now. 

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