Life can get overwhelming. Whether you’re dealing with positive stress from a job promotion, or the birth of a baby, or with negative stress such as financial problems, or the end of a relationship. It’s a fact of life that sometimes things start to feel like a little too much. This is when a licensed therapist can come alongside you to help smooth everything out.

“I love what I do,” said Lorinda Bates, licensed independent mental health practitioner (LIMHP). “I have a passion for helping others. It’s very rewarding to give back.” Bates is a member of the staff at Alliance Counseling Center.

Open since 2004, Bates said the Center is, “a respected, multi-disciplined mental health center with more than 120 years of clinician experience.” Bates believes that positive growth and change is promoted through counseling. Bates works alongside a stellar roster of other mental health professionals, including Dr. Kevin Cahill, psychologist and founder of Alliance Counseling Center.

Also on the team is Todd Kerr, LIM-HP, who is nearing the completion of his doctorate work in sports psychology. Alliance Counseling is expanding and adding more diversity to their practice. In August, Pamela Ehlinger arrives. She’ll soon be joined by Jean Cully. Both are licensed independent mental health practitioners. And June Schlegelmilch, a licensed clinical social worker, join the ranks of clinicians who offer Alliance clients help and encouragement.“Our clients appreciate the guidance we provide,” Bates said, “because all of us are qualified and eager to help.”

Life can get difficult sometimes, but thanks to the professionals at Alliance Counseling, nobody has to trudge through it alone.


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