Tour de Compadres is coming to Stir Concert Cove and this is one lineup you are not going to want to miss. Needtobreathe presents this tour and with them they bring Mat Kearney, John Mark McMillan and Welshly Arms. Having seen two out of the four live, I am willing to bet all of the talent on stage will fill the audiences happy meters to the fullest point. On Needtobreathe’s website it states Parachute is a part of this tour for certain shows, but with their own tour underway and having just been to Omaha, we unfortunately will not be graced by their soothing sounds. The other four will make up for their absence. Needtobreathe has a focused enlightening energy that simply leaves you feeling good as each song comes to an end. Their rock and roll sound somehow matches the Christian lyrics they have created. Mat Kearney has a rare talent of being able to mix genres in the middle of his songs. One second he is belting out this beautiful voice and the next he is rapping his way through unique rhymes. John Mark McMillan is a Christian singer, which matches Needtobreathe’s genre. While the band Welshly Arms seems to fit more into a category with Kearney. Buy your ticket and help Stir Cove say farewell to this set of summer concerts.

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