Joslyn Art Museum has opened its community gallery to the Artpost Project, a partnership with the New Century Art Guild, a nonprofit that offers professional, recreational and therapeutic services to veterans and their families through the medium of art.

The exhibit features drawings, paintings, photography and sculpture created from pairs of veterans and professional artists. Veterans would share personal narratives with the artists (some of whom are veterans themselves) and together would create pieces to tell a story.

One of the participants, Erin Colson said, “I wanted to show the daily struggles that veterans with PTSD go through. The range of emotions they fight with every day.” 

Participating Artpost professional artists and their emerging veteran artist pairing include: Jamie Burmeister and Andrew Atkinson, Bill Dunn and Marie Payer, Steve Elliott and Scott Smith, Larry Ferguson and Erin Colson, Tim Guthrie and Roberta “Bert” Leaverton, Hal Holoun and Bryon Line, John Miller & Mario Lopez, Kristin Pluhacek and Kyle Foster, Stephen Cornelius Roberts and Ronee Smith and Bart Vargas and Imo Lax.

Artpost is on display through December 31 at the Joslyn Art Museum, 2200 Dodge Street. For more information visit

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