The early dark of December brings together the pairing of artists Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez and Leigh Tarentino at Darger HQ. Each in her own way creates work embodying transformation expressed through values both light and dark.

Friedemann-Sanchez describes herself as a “visual novelist,” whose works invoke cultural memory and migration. A resident of Lincoln, NE, Friedemann-Sanchez is originally from Columbia, and much of her imagery derives from botanical illustrations, lace and crochet patterns and designs from Spanish Colonial art.

These she typically places against or atop black backgrounds—whether glossy car paint on aluminum panel or Tyvek—contrasting her delicate, feminine traceries within what she regards as a patriarchal Minimalist framework.

Providence, RI-based Tarentino reconfigures views of domestic dwellings and urban spaces as her touchstone for landscape-based works in paint, paper, photography and installation.

With interests rooted in fairy tales, science fiction, literature, history and film, she elicits the transformations that turn everyday scenes into something wonderfully extraordinary or unsettlingly surreal, whether the terrain becomes blanketed in snow, bathed in moonlight, or artificially illuminated.

Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez and Leigh Tarentino opens on December 9 from 6-9pm with an artist’s talk at 6:00. The exhibition runs through February 5, 2017, at Darger HQ, 1804 Vinton Street. The gallery is open on Saturday from noon-5pm, on Sunday from noon-3pm and by appointment. For more information, visit or call 402/209-5554.

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