Noah Diaz has been seen all over town performing on many, many stages. Now he explores stages of family life, in writing. Perhaps his own life. Certainly some one’s, maybe many, reaching out to  convey the meaning of motherhood in The Motherhood Almanac,  his first play to be locally produced. Shelterbelt Theatre takes it on.  But the play didn’t come in from the cold because Diaz is so well known in his home territory. The script was warmly received at the 2015 Seven Devils Playwriting Conference in Idaho and was a finalist for a Blue Ink Playwriting Award in Chicago. 

Diaz says that the six-woman piece is not only about mothers but also daughters, as well as about birth and death, adoption, weddings, divorce, learning how to adapt to changing lives and much more. Adding “I have been surrounded by powerful, vulnerable, stubborn, open-hearted, profoundly human women my entire life.  I want to honor such ferocity of spirit.”   

He’s in his early twenties and graduates from UNO this year, aiming for a degree in special education and communication disorders. You might wonder how could someone so young could know so much, given that he’s neither a mother nor a daughter. Time will tell.

The Motherhood Almanac runs Jan. 27-Feb.19 at Shelterbelt Theatre, 3225 California St. Thurs-Sat.: 8 p.m. Sun: 6 p.m. 2/19: 2 p.m.  Tickets: $12-$20

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