Local artist Jennifer Bockelman and Austrian artist Roswitha Weingrill will continue Darger HQ’s preference for avant-garde, two-person exhibitions with their own mix of the eccentric and conceptual. Their exhibit opens Feb. 10 with an artist talk at 6 p.m. and continues through April 9.

Bockelman is known to explore everything from involuntary interactive performance to artist residencies in her home, often requiring mandatory collaboration, to creating pieces of art that others should have made, to creating modern versions of the Country Sampler, embroidered thoughts, stories, even police calls, illustrated with graphic elements and chimerical entities.

At Darger HQ she plans to investigate the idea of sound portraits, elusive and shifting “drawings” developed by tracing her body with a recording device. Inspiration provided by quantum superposition (think Schrödinger’s Cat.) Often humorous, strongly provocative, occasionally juxtaposed with drawing, video and photographs.

Weingrill joins Bockelman in this two-person exhibit to create conceptual excursions that rely on varied materials and ideas, an eclectic CV of installations; each very specific and requiring a rethink of how we look at socially accepted traditions and outcomes.

Past projects have included a book, “Weiss auf Weiss” (White on White) involving a two-year research project into the “talc sorters,” women workers at a Austrian Talc mine, and an installation, “Cargo Guts,” a soft-sculpture of cartoonish entrails stuffed with hay harvested by her grandmother.

Further information for the artists work can be found at their websites, jenbockelman.com and roswithaweingrill.com and through Darger HQ, info@dargerHQ.org or dargerhq.squarespace.com

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