Current Exhibition on View at the Loves Jazz & Arts Center. On View through April 7. Hours to Visit: Tues-Fri., 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. | Sat., 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

This current exhibition envelopes nothing but empowerment and discovery through the perspectives of two featured artists, Patty Talbert and the late Wanda Ewing. The mission of this exhibition proclaims its focus on, “Showcasing women’s essence as powerful, bold, unapologetic and a gift to all the world.” Artworks by Ewing are presented through humor painted on canvas to evoke a desire for reconstructing the lens with which to view the black woman. Typically influenced by folk-art, Ewing demonstrates her expertise in fiber arts and mixed media through a rather comedic point of view. Titles of works include pieces from the “Bougie” collection, which displays hypothetical magazine pieces that give insight on a perceived essence of the African-American woman; Additional works include a jewelry series and the “Day and Night” wallpaper collection. Talbert’s artworks, a collection titled, “I Like Ur Face – Positive Affirmations,” intend to invite those who view her work into a moment of reflection with her mixed media acrylic paintings. She is also an excellent cook. If you are able to come on a Saturday afternoon, you can enjoy these displays and have a talk with Talbert over a slice of delicious piece of pie.

A series of workshops are also being hosted, free of charge for all ages including sessions led by Patty Talbert (March 11 and 25), Katie Raine (March 15 and 18), Sharon Reed (March 14 and 21), a luncheon panel hosted by the City of Omaha Human Relations Department (March 25) and a final red carpet dance serving as the closing exhibition celebration on April 4. To see the exhibition, it only costs $10 (donation) for adults and $7 for student admissions. Group tours are also available by calling the main line at 402-502-5291. Specific workshop times will be located on their website but they request to call and reserve your seat. 

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