What you may know already about Chance the Rapper is as follows: Yes he’s won three Grammys and yes he’s been to parties at the White House. Yes he started a clothing line exclusively for the Chicago White Sox and yes he has declined every major record label deal since starting his career. But did you know that Chance started his own music group in conjunction with Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment instead? The group is made up of his pals from the early days of growing up in Chicago. Did you know that he is so loved by his fans because he releases all of his music for free? Did you also know that he got his musical drive from a youth program he joined as a teenager at a public library and started producing music at age 13? Ten years later, Chance is known to his fans as a happy rapper who comically inserts himself into conversations in order to ensure that you remember him. Just google his interviews on YouTube and you’ll understand. If you have no idea who this guy is, then you might as well google him after you read this. But to all of his real fans out there, let them confirm that if you don’t have tickets yet to this concert, you may not have as much fun anywhere else. Chance is sure to imprint new memories into your brains as his performances are known to be full of life and swag.

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