Chicago based Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and Funk band Sidewalk Chalk will return to Omaha during their tour of latest music An Orchid is Born. The seven-person band consists of a dynamic live sound including Rico Sisney (MC), Maggie Vagle (Vocals), Charlie Coffeen (Keys), Josh Rosen (Bass), Jerrel Johnson (Drums), Sam Trump (Trumpet), and David Ben-Porat (Trombone). What’s unique about this group is that they don’t conform to just one genre of music and often bounce back and forth between tempos during a song. It’s only right that you have to dance to keep up. While they lift your spirits with songs like “Grocery List” (Leaves album, 2014), they also have the power to bring a strong emotional awareness to social injustice issues like the song “A Suite for Black Lives” which sheds light on violence toward Black people. If you’re bold enough to have a good time, visitors can also experience a live dance performance by tap dancer Jumaane Taylor, also a Chicago native studying at the Sammy Dyer School of the Theatre. Also opening up for them is Nebraska-based singer and songwriter Mesonjinxx. Expect to create great memories on this Saturday night in the heart of North Omaha.

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