Beansmith Coffee Roasters will be ending their 7 year run in the Old Market. The company will continue to roast and sell their selection online at Follow along online for details on their farewell party, closeout sales, and what you might find Beansmith getting into next!

Rise and Shine!

Early Bird is ready to serve not your every day brunch, every day. Blackstone will be home to a daily brunch when Early Bird opens at 3824 Farnam later this month. The restaurant will serve from 6:30am to 2:30 pm daily. For more info on menu items and opening events, follow Early Bird on Facebook!

Donut See a Problem With This

Blackstone is also welcoming Bob’s Donuts in October. Artisanal dough with playful fillings and toppings elevate the pastry from guilty pleasure to – well, it’s still a guilty pleasure, but if you’re going to eat a donut, eat a really good donut! Check them out on Facebook for your daily pastry porn.


A bill passed last week will cut $150 billion from hunger programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Program, which provides food for the hungriest and most impoverished in America. The program is only available to children and the elderly, and is utilized by less than 75% of the families who qualify. More than 41 million people rely on SNAP to make ends meet, but now that the bill has passed the house, many families are being forced off. The bill will now go to the senate. If you would like to make your voice heard, click here and speak to urge congress to protect SNAP.

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