Living in a retirement home doesn’t necessarily mean being inactive. So, when an elderly white-bearded resident gets a big job offer, it sounds like a kind of gift. He’s named Kris Kringle which means you can see he’s a natural to play Santa Claus, live, in front of adoring fans. The setting: New York’s Macy’s. A big gig. Personified on stage this season by Circle Theatre.

KK has his own personal take on the role, something the store bosses hadn’t bargained for. Kris actually gets so much into it that he starts to think he really is the North Pole’s prime resident come to the big city.  And, has so much jolly good-will, that he refers customers to other great places to buy children’s toys. Uh-oh. Looks like he’s going to be institutionalized, even though a sweet little girl knows he’s more than just the Claus in his contract.

This is the basis for a stage version of the 1947 triple- Oscar movie. The script originated in sunny Santa Cruz County CA’ s Mountain Community Theatre as written in 1983 by Peter Troxell and Rita Wadsworth based on Valentine Davie’s original screen play. It calls for a cast of 20 and Circle Theatre has assembled that many adults and kids to bring this to life, with David Sindelar stepping into the jolly boots.  Mercy High School and Nebraska Thespians’ Angela Dashner is the director.

To all a good night.  

Circle Theatre’s production of Miracle on 34Th Street runs December 8-17, Hanscom Park United Methodist Church, 4444 Frances Street, Fri & Sat.: 7:30 p.m. Sun: 2 pm.Tickets: $20-$25.

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