YAMATO, a Japanese drumming ensemble, is coming to Omaha Feb. 14 to the Holland Performing Arts Center for their The Challengers tour. Founded in 1993, the drummers have traveled all over the world performing more than 2,500 shows and are celebrating their 25th anniversary. YAMATO’s tours around the world last six to 10 months every year. YAMATO plays taiko, traditional Japanese drums. The drummers believe in the “unique value of Taiko,” and are “committed to preserving its traditions and exploring new possibilities for this majestic instrument.” YAMATO drummers start their day with a 10km run, and can play drums weighing 500kg. YAMATO currently has 16 drummers and their artistic director, Masa Ogawa. Tickets for YAMATO are – and can be purchased at ticketomaha. (kidsrkids.com) com.

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