Longtime Connect Gallery artists Julie Schram and Pete Wroblewski will be back as featured artists for the gallery’s March exhibitions, opening Mar. 6 from 5:30-9 p.m., with a new selection of large-scale pencil drawings and sculpture respectively. (Klonopin)

Featuring subjects with a friendly familiarity, Schram brings them to life using shadow, texture and an intricate use of pencil strokes.

A sleeping cat in a sunny patch shows a broad range of light and detailed variation of surface. In a portrait, a woman in a wintry ensemble wears a hat dappled so well that it seems almost tactile. Schram’s work offers a rich depiction of portraiture that feels intimate both to her and her viewer.

Sculptor Pete Wroblewski appears in Connect’s,Tiny Art Gallery (TAG, a shipping container converted to a climate controlled gallery) with work that is both figurative and abstract.

During the last 25 years, Wroblewski has translated mythic and natural themes into expressive bronze sculpture. Using the lost wax process and revising the wax positive, he creates unique, singular cast bronze figures and masks that are fluid and organic.

Julie Schram and Pete Wroblewski are featured March 6 through 31 with an artist’s reception on Friday, March 9 at Connect Gallery, 3901 Leavenworth Street. For more information and gallery hours, visit connectgallery.net.

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