Over the past four years Gordon Spencer has been a part of The Reader family; writing reviews on the theater scene, sharing his musical expertise and covering many aspects of the fine arts. Since he started at The Reader in early 2014, Gordon has become a familiar face in our audiences and also on our stages, acting in shows with Nebraska Shakespeare, the Shelterbelt and others. All this after a storied life that had taken him around the world and back again.

Two weeks ago, we got he unfortunate news that very unexpectedly we’d lost Gordon after battling an illness, in private. It sent a wave of shock and sadness through our family and community and here we are, getting our bearings back and figuring our how to move forward.

Gordon was an abrasive energy, gruff, educated and to the point…and that’s a hard type of person to replace. There is no replacement. So with that said, please keep Gordon’s beloved wife Hannelore in your thoughts, his love for the theater arts alive in us all, and browse the great library of all of his writing. This was his final corner of the world and we’re lucky he shared it with us. 

Read more about Gordon’s extensive and interesting life and career at his blog: Click Here for Blog

To read Gordon’s obituary and more on his career and final wishes; Click here. 

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