beginning.break.rapid: Kenji Fujita and Barbara Takenega, opening March 22nd. The exhibition is guest-curated by artist and educator Sheila Pepe.

Native New Yorker Fujita, who teaches at Bard College and the School of Visual Arts, has been exhibiting his sculptures and assemblages since the early 1980’s. His mixed media work runs the gamut from flat works to sculpture.

Primarily three-dimensional and tactile, they are a playful mélange of rudimentary shapes and lines, using humble materials like scrap lumber, paper, sponge, cardboard, fabric, and often elementary applications of color. Much of his work floats between the constructivist and the deconstructivist.

Fujita is joined by Nebraska native Barbara Takenaga. Initially a print-maker, Takenaga is now known for her optically charged abstract paintings.

Her Mandelbrot-like paintings evade a single source and can be viewed as both cosmically boundless and microscopic. The patterns that permeate her paintings are reminiscent of starling murmurations, tribal scarification, and 1960’s op art. It rapidly becomes a spatial portrait or a cosmic landscape.

beginning.break.rapid opens at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, with a talk and opening reception on March 22nd, and runs through June 2nd. For more details and venue hours, go to

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