Gallery 72 and the Omaha Print Collectors Group are collaborating with a two-part exhibition, Ink | Paper | Press, “that seeks to show the strength, value and power of fine art prints,” according to the show statement.

Show 1, “The Power of Prints” which opens Friday, April 13 from 5-9 p.m., is a collection of fine art prints designed to display a wide variety of styles, printing methods and explorations of aesthetics by regional and national artists. (Ambien) This show will include more than 20 artists using 8+ different print making methods.

Show 2, “The Process of Prints, which opens Friday, May 11 from 5-9 p.m., presents fine art prints grouped primarily by printing methods such as lithographs, screen prints, etching, digital and woodcuts which allows the viewer to compare printing methods and see the variety of artworks possible between methods and within each method.

Among the many artists in this exhibit are: Dan Crane, Roy De Forest, Amy Haney, Camille Hawbaker, Karen Kunc, Mike Nesbit, Endi Poskovic, Frank Stella, Minna Resnick, Jenny Robinson, Carol Summers, Watie White and Mary Zicafoose.

Ink | Paper | Press, Shows 1 and 2, open and close April 13–June 2 at Gallery 72, at 1806 Vinton St. For more details and gallery hours, go to or phone (402) 496-4797.

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