Huber Cadillac is Nebraska’s only stand-alone Cadillac dealer. Located in Omaha, Huber Cadillac is devoted to honesty and customer service since 1985.

Our Customer Service Promise

“Our guests are treated with the utmost respect and very much on a individual and special attention basis all the time,” said Bret Huber. “Anybody that walks in our door, we want it to be informative. We want the passion and enthusiasm of Cadillac to shine, whether that’s on the sales or the service side. Especially on the service side, a lot of times either A, you’re getting an oil change, or B, you’re getting a vehicle repair, and neither is usually something that customers looks forward to, so we want them to walk away from our place thinking: ‘Wow, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Actually, that was like pretty cool, and I had fun, and those people were nice.’  

“Everyone likes to be around somebody that believes in what they’re doing and what they’re passionate about. We’ve been really lucky to assemble a great group of people that do just that. The anomaly to me and the benefit to me of doing business with us is that we are a family business. We’re an Omaha based family business.  We tend to care for one another, and that, I think, really translates into caring for our customers. We work well together. We communicate well together. You’re here because you fit in our culture. We have long term employees. We don’t have a high turnover. We’re a very non stereotypical dealership, but I think as an anomaly that it really works. There are a lot of customers that, I think, out there that we just fit with, that they feel like home and family as well.” ~ Bret Huber, Executive Manager  

“Here at Huber we want you to feel like you are family. We’re not a dealership. We’re here to take care of your vehicle. We want it to be a personal experience. We want you to feel extremely comfortable coming in anytime. Everyone you meet here is going to be friendly and helpful. That is our goal.”  said David Landmark, Concierge at Huber Cadillac.

“I actually came from a medical background, so I really enjoy caring for and taking care of people who are in need. It’s a different kind of need here at Huber, but it’s customer service nonetheless, and it’s what I’m here to provide.”  

Huber Service Setup

“After you purchase a vehicle, what we recommend is, we will usually contact you six months after you’ve purchased a vehicle. We like to keep our customers informed of when they’d be due for their first maintenance,” said Anna McKeone, Service BDC Manager. “So it’s just keeping your vehicle running, as safe and as the best possible vehicle on the road, is what we try to do for our customers, just keep them in that reliable, safe vehicle.”

“Every new Cadillac you buy has Premium Care Maintenance that goes for 3 years/36,000 miles and covers most of your scheduled maintenance, things including oil changes, tire rotations, cabin filter changes, and other items that are on your scheduled maintenance program. In addition to that, we provide you with a free loaner vehicle as long as you schedule it.”

“In addition to our Premium Care Maintenance stuff, we do have a concierge.  We do provide pickup and drop off service. There is a nominal fee. So that if you’re busy and you want to get service, you give us a call and we can arrange to have it picked up, a car dropped off, and bring it back when it’s done as well.” ~ Jeff Stanley, General Manager at Huber Cadillac  

Huber Cadillac


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