Wild Nothing Nov. 6 at Slowdown

Jack Tatum, the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind Wild Nothing, came along at an extremely fertile time for indie pop. Along with Captured Tracks labelmates Mac Demarco and Beach Fossils, Tatum helped to pioneer the sound of the genre during the opening years of the decade. Though the artists don’t sound exactly alike, if you squint, it’s not hard to see the similarities; jangly guitars, simple drums, and a thin coat of reverb.

Since then, the artists have all gone their separate directions. Beach Fossils have adopted a gentle ’60s psych-pop sound, and Mac Demarco is moving into Harry Nilsson territory. Tatum, however, is looking forward when compared to those to acts – his music is now a love letter to the 1980s.

Wild Nothing’s fourth studio album, Indigo, is heavily influenced by the decade that gave us the Rubik’s cube, leg warmers, and Rick Astley. The album’s first two songs could comfortably slide onto any mid-period record by the Cure. Elsewhere, “Partners in Motion” has the bounce of the latter Roxy Music albums and there are traces of Cocteau Twins throughout.

Tatum has said in previous interviews that his intent was to make the album sound as expensive as possible despite its shoe-string budget. Indigo definitely sounds as polished as all the icons that he is nicking from, now let’s hope he puts as much effort into recreating those sounds live.

Tickets are $20

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