The Union for Contemporary Art invites you to Shaped by the Other, a solo exhibit by artist and educator Santiago Cal. An Associate Professor of Art at University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Cal has shown his work internationally and has been awarded residencies in Omaha, Mexico and his native Belize.

Shaped by the Otherpresents a variety of drawing, sculpture, music, and video, examining the dynamics of identity through two specific bodies of work.

The first examines the artist’s personal identity as formed through traditional Latin cultural objects, finding metaphor in everyday objects which contribute “materially and spiritually to the artist’s sense of identity.”

The second body of work looks to the artist’s immediate family as “the collective self,” exploring “how we shape each other through consideration and change.” Through sculptures and drawings of his wife and child, specifically looking at that moment in time just prior to sleep, he examines the process of growth and personal development.

The show opens with an artist reception, open to the public, on Saturday, January 26th, from 11AM to 1PM at the Wanda Ewing Gallery at the Union of Contemporary Art, 2423 North 24thStreet. The show runs through March 2nd. Further information is available on-line at

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