I know what you’re thinking. What is this political post doing in the Dining section? But it’s very polite, so let’s give it just a moment of our time.

As the Government Shutdown drags on, many local families are going without a paycheck. Locally owned Omaha businesses are seeing fewer customers as workers try to make ends meet. Those local businesses have the option of creating angry, divisive commentary, which is understandable, or of creating a tiny bit of hope for these families. Many are choosing the latter. 

As we become aware of more of these businesses, this post will be updated. For now, here is a list of Omaha area businesses offering free or discounted food and drink to furloughed government workers and their families:

Great Harvest Bread

This was the first of the businesses to show up on our radar. All local Great Harvest locations are hosting a “Shutdown Shelf”, allowing customers to purchase an extra loaf to add to the shelf to be given to those in need who can provide a government ID. 

Stirnella and Butterfish

Between the Oxtail Spatzle and the Mongolian Shortrib, these two establishments already had our attention. Now they’ve added “community minded” to their menu and we’re definitely in love. From now through April 1st, both establishments will offer a free meal to those affected by the shutdown. Email Matt Carper at MCarper@MeadowlarkManagement.Com and you’ll be taken care of. *Insert a slow clap*

If you haven’t tried Butterfish yet, check out their Blogger’s Food Event this Saturday the 26th at 2pm! RSVP to Info@Butterfish.Com

Omaha Bicycle Co

The small spot doesn’t have a lot to give, but they’re ready to give what they’ve got! A free 12 ounce coffee every day to government workers. It’s nothing to sneeze at. These workers are expected to show up and give 100% without a paycheck. Fueling them is a big deal. Way to go, Omaha Bicycle Co!

Alamo Drafthouse

Mondays through Thursdays during the month of January, Alamo Drafthouse is offering a free ticket to government workers. 

Do you own or know of a business offering free food/drink/admission to government workers? We’d love to add them to our list and boost the signal! Email Sara@TheReader.Com and we’ll update this list! 

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