Blackstone Loses Dante

The second location of Dante in Blackstone ended service on May 4th to make room for owner Nick Strawhecker’s latest venture, Forno. Serving seasonal, shareable lunch, brunch, and dinner menus, the wood-fired Italian fare. This will maintain the appeal that made diners a fan of Strawhecker’s original concept while expanding on the menu that won your Best Of votes. The establishment will take a new approach to ordering, plating, and serving. You can get your first taste on Thursday, May 16.

Speaking of Blackstone

The neighborhood will be welcoming its first sports bar later this month when The Sports Hall opens at 3801 Farnam.

Bring the Heat

Pizza, Tacos, and Ice Cream? That’s right, it’s the first annual Spicy Food Challenge! Join the Omaha Masonic Lodge #288 for the inaugural Culinary Crucible on May 18th. Register early Here to compete for $25, or sign up day-of for $35. Can’t take the heat? Show up to cheer others on, or simply to marvel at the strength of the human spirit (and stomach).

Do You Drink and Know Things?

If you can’t get enough GOT, head to Westend for Game of Thrones Trivia Night on Monday, June 3rd. That gives you enough time to finish the series on May 19, watch the two-hour post-wrap-up documentary, and binge-watch the entire series again to prepare.
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