"Breathe In" portrait painting by Shawnequa Linder
“Breathe In” portrait painting by Shawnequa Linder

Emerging artist Shawnequa Linder continues to step up her game in 2019 with her new solo exhibit, We are Different (Portraits),opening June 7, at Be Side of Benson Theatre gallery during Benson First Fridays.

Known for her minimalist take on abstract landscape and figures, she applies a similar organic style to her portraiture. Every portrait is unique less because of its origin and more because of Linder’s use of movement, color and texture, which she says is her true subject matter.

“The color of choice reflects the emotional state and the texture is the chaos within the subject matter,” she says in her show statement. Consequently, her work may appear less personal and more conceptual as she explores the larger relationships between pop culture and fine art.

Yet she remains connected to her work sometimes using her fingers to paint beguiling, intimate and even forlorn figures and faces that leave a mark on both artist and viewer.

There may not be a self-portrait in this promising exhibit, but the pronoun “We” in its title reveals that her subjects are near and dear to the artist while reflecting a talent both different and worthy of review.

We are Different (Portraits)  will open with a reception June 7, 6-10 p.m. during BFF at B Side of Benson Theatre, 6058 Maple Street. For more info and gallery hours go to http://bensontheatre.org/calendar-of-events/ or call 402-991-4333.

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