Los Tapatios Stopped at the Border

When the owners of Ixtapa announced their impending closure, they simultaneously announced that new owners had been found and would open a new restaurant in their place. Los Tapatios quickly set to work, and were prepared for a very speedy turn over, immediately offering jobs to all of Ixtapa’s displaced workers.
As excited as staff was, Bellevue echoed the sentiment as a whole, thrilled to have a new Mexican restaurant to explore. Unfortunately, we will all have to wait.
Furniture being shipped in from Guadalajara has been stopped at the border, halting the opening process. Once furniture is in place, the doors will open and the villagers will rejoice. In the mean time, you may whet your appetite by visiting /http://www.lostapatiosmenu.com/

Meet Your Jaycees

Have you ever been curious who the Omaha Jaycees are, how they got there, and what they do? Join the group of young professionals this Wednesday at DJ’s Dugout for their annual informal meet and greet from 5:30pm to 8pm. The event is an informational open-house style, relaxed meeting of the minds over complimentary appetizers and drinks. Learn how you can be part of a team that moves change for Omaha.

Reader Writers Wanted

Do you have a unique take on Omaha culture? The Reader is seeking new voices for our publication. Story pitches may be sent to Sara@TheReader.Com for consideration.

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