Hail can seriously damage your home.

When hard weather hits, Pella’s customer care and installations teams hits harder.

Nebraska has been named the ideal place to raise a family, lands among young American entrepreneurs’ lists of best places to start your own small business, and has consistently risen the ranks of best foodie cities in the United States. But even paradise gets hit with reality once in a while, and in this case, that dose of reality comes in the form of extreme weather.

Located in “Hail Alley,” Nebraska holds the dubious honor of having the fourth highest incidents of hail damage in the country. While Pella wishes their customers never had to deal with storm damage at all, the best they can do is be knowledgeable and caring when it does happen.

In 2017, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported 6,045 major hail storms in the United States. In one year alone, a single insurance provider, State Farm, released a report stating that hail damage had been responsible for $2.4 billion worth of damage to their policy holders. (For more about these statistics, visit https://www.iii.org/fact-statistic/facts-statistics-hail

With these statistics, it’s easy to assume that even if you yourself have never had to deal with a hailstorm headache, you likely will at some point in the future. When hail hits, our thoughts go immediately to the price of the damage and the possible implications on our home’s value. It’s important to understand the level of damage that has been done, and to get a thorough estimate of all damage before moving forward.

Windows are often said to be the eyes of a home, and as such, generally beautiful to look at. It can be easy to forget the many jobs windows do beyond providing a pleasing view. Damage to any part of the window can create a costly problem for you, from expensive energy loss to dangerous broken frames and flashing.

Some of the damage you may notice includes:

  •  Broken or torn screens
  • Chipped glass
  • Cracked glazing
  • Dented framework
  • Dented or broken flashing
  • Broken, cracked, or shattered glass
  • Damaged sash or grill
  • Warped frames from elemental exposure

Some of these require minimal treatment, an easy sealing process, or a simple cosmetic fix, while others can present an urgent matter needing prompt action. The longer these issues go unchecked, the greater the cost can become to your family.

As the weather fluctuates from one extreme to another, damaged seals can quickly deteriorate. Soon, it can feel like your home has no protection from the elements at all!

Hail can seriously damage your home.

Identifying storm damage on the initial inspection is imperative to making an insurance claim. Pella offers a no-risk and thorough inspection to anyone worried about hail damage. If no damage is found, you’ll get a high-five and they’ll be on their way! If your home has sustained hail damage, you’ll get a clear estimate and help filing a claim.

It can be important to have a window expert check your windows for hail damage. It’s something many roofers can overlook. In addition to the obvious signs of damage, there are more subtle red flags to look for. Draftiness, moisture, or fogging between panes are all signs that you’ve sustained hail damage.

If your landscaping has sustained damage, trees and bushes show signs of broken branches or damaged leaves, it’s best to call for your free inspection. Not only is the estimate free, the work is always guaranteed.

Pella has established themselves as a trusted ally when dealing with insurance companies, and gracefully moderates on their customers’ behalf. Years of doing business with both Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa residents and insurance adjusters makes Pella the ideal moderator, with trust and respect on all sides. Establishing clear communication, and maintaining it throughout the repair process, the team understands that the only villain in this story is the unpredictable weather.

Pella Omaha relies on their core beliefs to maintain a positive relationship with their team, clients and community. Materials are constantly tested and tempered to provide maximum protection and efficiency, while striving toward environmental responsibility. Every interaction is based on the principals of honesty and integrity, meaning Pella is as transparent as the product they stand behind.

This drive toward consistent improvement is what Pella credits with giving them an edge over competitors, while the longevity of their existing product serves as evidence of their long-standing commitment to integrity. A Pella repair or replacement is not considered a true success unless the job has been accomplished to a customer’s satisfaction on the first attempt.

Pella respects their client’s homes, privacy and time, and will do everything in their power to occupy as little of them as possible. These ‘first time finishes’ are a hallmark of Pella service, though they will return to a site without hesitation if the customer has questions, concerns, or if a job needs additional service.

Take the headache out of hail damage with a quick call to Pella at (402) 493-1350, Reader’s Choice Best of the Big O! winner for many years in a row!

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