Pineapple Fu at Fu Asian Grill

Omaha Loses an Institution

The signature facade of Skeet’s

When a question was posed to The Reader last week about the fate of the beloved Skeet’s at 2201 N 24th street, it became our mission to find out. After following the meager breadcrumbs and word of mouth, we found that the owner, David Deal, had been battling a serious illness, and closed the restaurant back in June to recover.
The following day, we sadly learned that his battle had ended. Born in 1952, David worked for the original owner, Harold “Skeet” Whiteside, from 1971 until the owner’s passing in 1978. At that point, David took over ownership and kept fighting for the restaurant, and for the neighborhood.

Mr. Deal’s contributions to Omaha will not be forgotten, and The Reader extends our deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Rest in Peace, Mr. Deal, and farewell to Skeets, an Omaha tradition.

Lon and Pat’s to Close

Man and Woman holding sandwich ingredients
Lon and Patricia Theer

After a short tenure in Papillion, Lon and Pat’s Panini Grill had earned a loyal following for their hot sandwiches and sweet demeanor. Opened in May of 2018 at 134 N Washington, Lon and Pat’s was the go-to for Papillion families to grab a hot sandwich and a smile. The owners have recently announced that their lease renewal has been denied and they will be closing the soup and sandwich spot on October 19th.

The Reader wishes Lon, Pat, and the whole crew the best of luck! Your customers won’t forget the joy you brought to everything you do.

Red Sushi Closed

After weeks of speculation, cryptic Facebook posts, and unanswered calls, Red Sushi and Hibachi at 8419 S 73rd Plaza released the following statement: Yes. It is closed

Social media had read like the diary of a sinking ship, but patrons had hoped things would pick up for the owners. Formerly the home of my favorite seaweed salad, I admit I am personally disappointed to see the establishment succumb. The Reader will keep you posted on upcoming ventures in the now vacated bay.

Red mango Closed

I promise this is the last sad one for today.
After 9 years at One Pacific Place, the chain announced it’s final day of Omaha business late last month. The Frozen Yogurt spot officially went on ice Monday, September 30.

Ready For Good News? FU.

Pineapple Fu at Fu Asian Grill

After two months of cheeky teasers and social media snark, the eyebrow-raising, food-porn posting FU Asian Grill is finally ready to put their fu where your mouth is. Celebrate the grand opening this Saturday, October 12 at 343 N 24th street. The event will feature stand up comedy, a paint pouring demo, giveaways, and the soon-to-be-signature Fu.

I get excited about food often. Always, in fact. No less than three times a day. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that I’m actually very excited about FU Asian. Follow along on Facebook or on Instagram at @FuAsianGrill

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