A Spiked Cocoa Puff Latte at Surreal Cereal Bar, Opening Soon

Surreal Life

A Spiked Cocoa Pebbles Latte at Surreal Cereal Bar, Opening Soon

The Office. Season 4. Local Ad.
Ryan Howard: Maybe you can cook but that doesn’t mean you should start a restaurant.
Michael Scott: Well actually I can’t cook and I am starting a restaurant. Mike’s Cereal Shack. I’m thinking we’ll have as many varieties as you can buy in a store.

I just wanted to remind you of this moment in history before announcing the following: November 30th marks the Grand Opening for Surreal Cereal Bar within Gatsby Social Club. The 21+ sugar rush will feature 6 milks, over 100 cereal options, and over 50 toppings from ice cream to candy. Bottomless mimosas, coffee, and a lot of hungover people in their sweats and pajamas will make this kid-free zone the place to be on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Pato Loco Replaced

Street tacos at El Chicano Mexican Bistro

Pato Loco at 120 Olsen Drive now has a new name, new menu, and new leadership. El Chicano Mexican Bistro  is being praised for its customer service, tortas, margaritas, and street tacos. The Reader is looking forward to stopping in and trying this Papillion place for ourselves. Get the barbacoa ready, guys. I’ll see you soon!

More than Cupcakes

The owners of Chocolat Abielle announced via Facebook yesterday that they will be opening a bakery and coffee shop on the corner of 11th and Howard this December. Vitale Omaha  will serve coffee, tea, pastries, and tarts in the former Cupcake Omaha location at 501 s 11th st.

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