Old Chicago Closes

With an unceremonious email sent hours before their scheduled Monday shifts, Old Chicago employees were informed that the Shadow Lake location had been immediately and permanently closed. Most employees will be granted a small severance. Others will be reallocated to the three remaining area locations.  A Lincoln location has also closed, continuing what the corporate entity governing Old Chicago attributes to a refocusing of attention on their most successful locations.

The Good Life Bar and Grill has reached out offering employment to displaced Old Chicago staff who are seeking immediate employment, and those aged 17 and older are encouraged to apply in person at the Good Life on 96th and 370.

Breakfast is Back

Omaha is excited for the return of Saddle Creek Breakfast Club, and the chef/owner that makes the magic happen. SCBC will reopen on Friday March 6th. While we at The Reader are proud of staff and guests for how they pulled together to raise additional funds and keep the SCBC team secure during the brief hiatus, we are more proud of the proprietors for using a difficult situation to shed light on an increasingly common industry issue. Continue to reach out to one another, and to move toward healthy coping and healthier standards for industry workers. Welcome back, Chase!


For those of us who felt Indian bowl deserved a better shot, we are happy to announce that Chef Ashish is now serving your favorites at Kinaara (13816 P street) Follow along on Instagram @Kinaaraomaha or check out Kinaaraomaha.com for a full menu and details.

Pacific Eating House

1130 Sterling Ridge Dr

A sample of what you can expect from this Pacific-Rim themed restaurant

Sister restaurant to Twisted Cork, Pacific Eating House is set to open very soon. While today was the original date planned for opening, a lot goes into planning such an event. Considering the success of Twisted Cork, we trust that this team knows when it’s just not time yet. For a list of the upcoming establishment’s menu, mission, and motives, check out their website at https://www.pacific-eatinghouse.com/

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