Derek Courtney, "Recovery and Salvage" 2017 Mixed media on paper 10 x 10 in
Derek Courtney, “Recovery and Salvage” 2017, mixed media on paper, 10 x 10 in

First Friday in March brought together three artists to the Michael Phipps Gallery; Shawnequa Linder, Derek Courtney and Joe Pankowski. The trio will be on view through April.

Shawnequa Linder is known for her vital portrait and landscape paintings in which she portrays levels of motion and poignancy through unconventional application techniques that evoke movement and texture.

Often starting with found objects like old blueprints, x-rays or city maps, Derek Courtney’s paintings build on layers of color, shape and texture, resulting in fragments of the original content obscured by abstractions of color and shape. His work rises from the concepts behind labor; work vs. compensation, machine vs. human, and action vs. rest.

Artist and educator Joe Pankowski pulls his surreal subjects from fantasies, dreams, and psychological wanderings, most of which he records in a sketchbook. These usually lead to a sequential group of drawings or paintings, which then lead most naturally into short experiments in animation. Pankowski has taught drawing, painting, sculpture and new media art throughout the Omaha Metro.

The Michael Phipps gallery is located inside the W. Dale Clark Library, the downtown branch of the Omaha Public Library. The  More information may be available on their website at

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