“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” –Emory Austin

Can you think of something we missed?  Share your tips!

1. Explore Live Music Online. A number of artists are already taking to their Facebook pages to host an easy, DIY Facebook Live concert from their homes. Venmo and PayPal tip jars are available if you can afford to pitch in. Performing live music and engaging in some shared community is uplifting. Look for your favorites on social media.


2. Get Reacquainted with Nebraska’s Local Music Scene. Try these artists out on streaming services: Thick Paint, David Nance or Garst for indie rock; Conny Franko, HAKIM or Flannel Lewis for hip-hop; Jocko, BIB or No Thanks for punk/metal; Andrea von Kampen, Evan Bartels or Sean Pratt and the Sweats (on Bandcamp.com only) for country/folk.


3. Retreat Into Beauty. Fans of Illuminating Hearts, husband/wife duo Orion and Astara, can support them on Patreon through the next few months of canceled gigs. Their “multidisciplinary eco-system of acoustics and metaphysics” provides physical and psychic soothing. Subscribers receive audio and video content for their own “online retreat.” Look for illumin8inghearts on Facebook.


4. Bring On the Music. Check out “Can’t Stop The Blues,” a public Facebook discussion group. It  promises to bring national, regional and local artists to fans. Another public Facebook group, “Viral Music – Because Kindness is Contagious,” represents all genres. Investigate other possible live streaming options such as stageit.com. (BJH)


5. Want To Support Your Favorite Artists? See this Rolling Stone article for more details for fans who are looking for ways to support independent artists right now.


6. Support Artists and Venues. Buy merch online or gift cards to use later, it helps your favorite venues pay bills and help employees. Hit your favorite artists’ websites and purchase a CD or T-Shirt. Lincoln’s historic Zoo Bar has stocked the online merch store, look for their “Buy Merch” button on ZooBar.com. (Bonus: They’ve posted videos of some of their iconic past shows!)


7. Online Music Programming. Streaming services like Spotify are a great way for newcomers to easily listen to favorite artists and find new performers you might like. The basic version is free. Que up your Spotify playlists, turn down the sound and let them play overnight, because artists get paid a few cents a spin.


8. Omaha’s NPR Station KIOS.org has blues on Mondays 1-3 p.m. and jazz in those blocks the rest of the week, plus evening jazz programming, free and locally programmed. If you like Americana/Roots, try Sun Radio out of Austin, TX, another free service at sunradio.com with a downloadable app.


9. KZUM. Did you know that Lincoln community radio station KZUM is available online with more than 24 hours a week of blues, roots and jazz music, all programmed locally? It’s free and streaming online at kzum.org. The program archive goes back two weeks.


10. Help for Artists. Musicians are scrambling, losing hundreds or thousands with every cancellation. Because the Blues Foundation’s annual Blues Music Awards show in May will now be held online, those who have already purchased event tickets to consider donating their purchase to their new COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. See blues.org.


11. State by State Resources. This Billboard article includes a variety of organizations that artists can turn to for support.


12. Hello, New Vinyl! Vinyl records delivered to your doorstep for a $3 fee, courtesy of Homer’s Music & Gifts in the Old Market. Check out their Facebook page to see what’s new in stock, from Louis Armstrong to King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard to Funkadelic. Message Homer’s on social media or call them at 402-346-0264.

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