Taco selfie

Taco selfieCan you think of something we missed?  Share your tips! 

1. Channel Your Inner Bartender.  You don’t need to have eighteen bottles of arcane liqueurs and a vial of elf sweat to make a cocktail. You likely have most of what you need already. A simple search for “cocktail recipes” or a specific drink will get you on your way.


2. Make Homemade Stock.  Homemade chicken, beef, or vegetable stock can make a so-so soup, chili, or other dishes a million times better, and it’s simple to make. Let it simmer away for a few hours on a lazy afternoon and freeze some for future use.


3. Recreate Traditional Nebraska Foods at Home. If you’re craving a Reuben from Crescent Moon or a Runza, stay in and try to make one in your kitchen.


4. Photographer Josh Foo has been working on an ongoing project documenting the ways COVID-19 is affecting Omaha restaurants called Right Here Right Now. You can see his hauntingly beautiful video and photography work on Facebook and Joshuafoo.com. He’s interviewed everyone from servers and baristas to the most important restauranteurs in Omaha.


5. Sign Up for a Local CSA. EdibleOmaha.com has a directory of the Community Supported Agriculture in our area that offer fresh, farm grown food and allow you to support local farmers. Pay once and receive a weekly bag of fresh, locally sourced produce, eggs, milk, cheese, and artisan goods.


6. Attend a Free Online Cooking Course! There are many available, but try a free trial at https://www.onlinecookingschool.com/

7. Brussel Sprouts and Licorice?! Challenge each other to a game of Chopped. Everything in your cupboard comes out for a never-before-tried recipe.

(Other contributor: Kyle Tonniges)

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