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For the 13th year in a row, the Omaha Health Expo went off without a hitch; in the midst of an official pandemic, no less. Loyal Heartland Healing and Reader readers will remember that the Expo was established by Bob Mancuso and the family at Mid-America Expositions with the goal of providing access to information about holistic and natural ways to get healthy and stay healthy. With the help and support of many generous sponsors, the Expo grew to be the largest show of its kind in the region. It started out with its location at the Mancuso Center in the Omaha Civic Auditorium, moved to the CenturyLink hall and finally to its current home at the Baxter Arena.

Despite the challenges of the weirdest year any person alive has ever seen, the 2020 Expo provided valuable opportunities to expand the information base of emerging holistic trends. Though natural and holistic therapies like yoga, ayurveda, Chinese medicine, herbs, energy medicine and healthful nutrition have been around for millennia, some are just now coming to Western awareness. The use of hemp derivatives known as cannabinoids, otherwise known as CBD medications, is a recent example.

Though the number of Expo exhibitors this year dipped below 200 for the first time (for obvious reasons) and the public attendance was understandably muted, the Expo demonstrated the kind of healing energy these modalities bring to the table. The overall tenor was tremendous. There was a surge of fellowship that was palpable and both the public and practitioners fairly overflowed with good vibes.

Highlighted speaker presentations and a full report will be available in following editions of Heartland Healing. The biggest story, however, may have been that the medical marijuana initiative seems headed for the Nebraska ballot in November. Petition signatures have reached over 180,000 and only about 120,000 are required. This means that the democratic process will likely decide whether the promise of hemp-based herbal medicine in Nebraska goes up in smoke or is defeated. It appears that too many legitimate researchers, doctors and academics support its passage for it to fail. The Heartland Healing YouTube channel will post a video of the dynamic presentation by Dr. Amanda McKinney on the work being done at Doane University surrounding the benefits of CBD medication.

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A Main Stage presentation titled “Pandemics and Vaccines” by citizen journalist and researcher Adam Fogarty headlined the speaker event and brought a standing ovation from attendees. That also will be available through a link on

Covid: Crunching the Numbers Any illness is cause for attention. But it could be argued that the particular malady known as Covid-19 has garnered too much. The following is something that every person who’s ever even heard of coronavirus should be interested in knowing.

As of this writing, 137,842 persons in the United States have perished with the label “Covid-19” as part of their official cause of death. A careful examination of reliable data shows that there could be two damnable and preventable factors that contributed to the deaths of at least half of those. Questionable governmental policy on local levels and faulty medical procedures correlate with a majority of those who died.

Fact number one: The overwhelming majority of mortality from the coronavirus happened in the confined environment of long term care facilities or nursing homes. Early reports showed 75 percent of Nebraska deaths were in nursing homes. In one week, 80 percent of coronavirus deaths in Pennsylvania were in nursing homes. In Connecticut, 90 percent of deaths in one week were in nursing homes. New York tells a similar story.

Why did government officials in some states push for Covid patients to return to confinement in coronavirus breeding reactors? Some facts for you. The governor of a state with the highest mortality received a hefty donation (over one million dollars) from the industry that included nursing homes. Same governor guaranteed indemnity to that industry. Same governor ordered sick Covid patients placed back into nursing homes. Nursing homes realized increased profits from caring for Covid residents. Plain and simple: government/industry collusion otherwise known as “pay for policy”.

“[That governor’s] campaign and his state party committee raked in more than $2.3m from hospital and nursing home industry donors and their lobbying firms, according to data compiled by the National Institute on Money in Politics.”

Nursing homes across the country made more money with Covid patients in-house. The majority of American deaths were in nursing homes. That 138,000 number of deaths could be perhaps 50 percent less without that practice.

Fact number two: Up to 90 percent of Covid patients placed on ventilators ended up dying. Doctors finally realized that ventilators were not the best intervention for this particular disease. Getting air into the lungs was not the problem. Getting oxygen saturation was. As doctors realized intubation was likely making the disease worse, they moved away from it. But how many died because of it?

The move by some factions to downplay the use of viable and proven therapeutics for political reasons kept life-saving medicines from use in hospital situations. At least two state governors prevented hydroxychloroquine, since proven to work. These decisions cost lives.

Alternative therapies have been anecdotally reported to save lives as well. Yet those are dismissed by the media.

It is said that we have learned a lot from 2020. Let’s hope that we have learned the right things.

Be well.

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