Steak and Chicken tacos from the Churro Truck (Churro Truck Facebook page)

Churrollercoaster of a Week


The Churro Truck broke hearts last Wednesday with the announcement of their permanent closure. The mourning lasted two days before the owners gave in to the peer pressure to stay open at 72nd and Farnam. After a brief closure, the truck went back into business yesterday at 11am, and will continue from that location for the remainder of the season. Glad to see you sticking around!
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Hawaiian Bros

A bowl of Kilauea Chicken with your traditional plate lunch

In a still hush-hush mission, Hawaiian Bros has announced the intention to open a location in Omaha. The chain has expanded to include locations in Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. The menu is rich with traditional flavors, and the founding history (three years counts as history, especially when one of those years was 2020) is a fun lesson in cultural appreciation. Find food photos, locations, and merch ordering information by heading to



Coolgreens – Blackstone Facebook Page

Located at 3618 Farnam, a second Coolgreens celebrated their grand opening Monday. The location will be open from 11am to 9pm daily, and offers heart-healthy, fresh, and absolutely delicious salads, wraps, and bowls. For the first two weeks of business at the new addition, owners have pledged to donate one salad for each salad purchased to local partners of The American Heart Association. For photos that will give you Coolgreens cravings, updates, and news, follow Coolgreens on Facebook.


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After numerous setbacks, the Doughmaha team are pushing forward with their grand opening at Westroads. The dessert shop has had to contend with all of the usual bugs of opening a new venture, in addition to being stalled by Covid halting their build. The restaurant announced this weekend that the final hold up is internet and working registers. Once those final pieces are in place, you’ll have one more sweet spot to sink your teeth. Strawberry champagne cookie dough? Take a tour of Doughmaha’s Facebook and tell me it doesn’t look like something the Lost Boys dreamed up. And if you don’t understand that Hook reference… I think we’re done here.

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