Whisk and Measure

2505 S. 133rd Plaza


The female-powered, locally-owned and operated, and absolutely delectable patisserie Whisk and Measure has sadly confirmed their impending closure. The sweet little shop made a name by house-making delicious baked goods for everyone, from the vegan to the allergy-restricted. Head over to stock up on freezable house-made goods before the official closure on Thursday, October 15th.

The Barley Street Tavern

2735 N 62nd

The Barley Street Tavern lived life in style, and it’s going out in style this Thursday. Stop in for a drink and to say goodbye one last time!

Sinful Burger

4005 Twin Creek

After a number of recent close calls, Covid finally felled Bellevue’s burger giant. The joint’s nine and a half years will come to a close later this month. After ensuring that their staff had arranged for new employment, the establishment regretfully announced their closure last week via Facebook message. You have until October 27th to partake in Sinful’s devious delights, so waste no time. (napavalley.com)

Sage Advice

5730 N 30th street

The Sage Student Bistro is offering take home baked goods for pre-order, as well as $10 subscription boxes. Through the MCC Bakery, students are providing access to their latest culinary adventures in the form of focaccia, galette, and mousse. Want to be part of what Metro’s culinary students have cooking? Sign up for online workshops and courses at Metro Online

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