For the full interview (recorded 9/18/20), listen to Mind and Soul in the Morning.

Nebraska needs legislation that prioritizes good health care and education if it is going to remain family-friendly, said State Legislative Candidate Marque Snow in an interview on Sept. 18 with Mind and Soul in the Morning. 

Snow is running against John Cavanaugh in State Senate District 9 which he considers Nebraska’s most progressive district. It encompasses the Midtown, Leavenworth, Field Club, Hanscom, and Metcalfe neighborhoods. 

“If elected, you will have five senators in the legislature that are people of color or from the LGBTQI community, and all our districts touch each other. That’s powerful,” Snow said.

After serving on the Omaha Public Schools board for almost eight years, Snow decided to run for State Senate. He said that many of the problems he faced as OPS board president were ultimately in the hands of the legislature.

Snow proposed legalizing gambling and recreational marijuana grown in Nebraska to generate funds needed to make the changes he knows school districts in the state, like OPS, need. 

“Crime stems from poverty,” Snow said, “I tell people money, money, money, it doesn’t matter what you do with changing the law, until you bring jobs, livable wage jobs to the community, you will always have these issues.”

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