Javi’s One Year Anniversary

Javi’s Tacos is celebrating their one year anniversary this Wednesday, and you’re invited! Stop by tomorrow at 17676 Welch (180th and Q) or 2559 S 171ct (Lakeside) for buy one get one burritos and half price margaritas. The establishment couldn’t go all out for a grand opening last year, but is making up for it this week! Javi’s has made a name for themselves with their birria tacos, massive quesadillas, and their recent partnership with Stories Coffee.


Keep your eyes peeled for Omaha’s latest Pop-up! Kalye will be serving Filipino street food at a pop-up near you, and you’re not going to want to miss it. The above feast is called a Boodle Fight, served family style and eaten with the hands. The meal is a celebration of camaraderie, abundance, and beautiful flavors. Follow @Kalye402 on Instagram to learn about upcoming events.

Food Supply Chain

Many restaurants are facing a crisis as the food supply chain further breaks down. While many establishments are in the recovery phase, the system shut down is continuing to have a ripple effect. Additionally, driver shortages and gas prices continue to make deliveries more expensive and less consistent. In the latest twist, Sysco, which supplies many of the ingredients for your favorite Omaha restaurants, has begun implementing order restrictions.

“The food-away-from-home supply chain is under significant pressure,” Kevin Hourican, CEO of Sysco said by means of explanation. What that means is that many restaurants are being told with hours notice that their deliveries aren’t coming, or that their order isn’t big enough to be worth the company’s suddenly limited resources to deliver. This will have the greatest impact on small establishments who can’t afford the upcharge, or the waste.

In another statement, a Sysco representative stated that the company “regrets that we have had to delay or pause service for a limited number of customers in various locations”, insisting that the issue should be resolved soon.

What that means for you is that your favorite restaurant, already struggling under short staff and a year of lost revenue, is going to need your support and understanding more than ever.

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