Saffron Urban Indian Kitchen

The time has finally come for the anxiously awaited opening of Saffron Urban Indian Kitchen. Aksarben Village’s newest resident will host a soft opening this week, and seating is limited. Grab your spot from December 15th to the 19th, with seating available from 4pm to 10pm. Follow along on Instagram @Saffron_Urban_Indian_Kitchen, on Facebook, or at SaffronUrbanKitchen.Com.

While Saffron will be serving whiskey tastings, the adjoining Maharaja’s Whisky Room will not be officially opened until spring of 2022. The space is currently available and pre-booking for holiday gatherings. Swing by 6706 Frances and be the first to fall in love with what Saffron’s got cooking.

You Go J. Coco

After a decade of exceptional service and exquisite dishes at 5203 Leavenworth, J. Coco will be packing it in… for now. Service will come to an end at the end of December, but we suspect this won’t be the last we see of the talented Jennifer Coco. And suspect it or not, she all but promises to bring her signature style back to your plates via social media. Do we give her a time limit before we picket outside her house, or do we just patiently wait? Regardless, schedule time to stop by in the next two weeks to share your favorite memories, moments, and menus as the staff says goodbye. I mean, as the staff says “see you soon”!

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