Rachel Connell, “The Way You Work It,” 2018, acrylic on canvas

(Masks are required in all MCC buildings for all individuals whenever two or more are present. Practice sensible distancing whenever possible indoors.)

If the last two years indoors have shown us anything, it’s that retailers continually improve their grip on our acquisitive nature. What’s more, social messaging has become interwoven with branding and appeal, translated into ads and storefront displays alike.

It’s this intersection of consumerism and conscientiousness that is the focus of Des Moines artist Rachel Connell’s show at MCC, Justice, which opens March 16 and continues until April 13.

Through her photorealistic paintings of shopping mall windows, Connell asks viewers to slow down their mall-walking stride to consider the sincerity of projected image and slogans, the “holy texts” of Madison Avenue. Are they merely virtue-signaling or can corporate and consumer culture together manifest higher ideals?

Rachel Connell’s show at MCC, Justice, opens March 16. For more info and gallery hours, go to https://mccneb.edu/gallery.

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