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The mind behind Yoshitomo, David Utterback is launching his newest venture, Koji in Countryside Village. The new Izakaya feature sushi, nigiri, and shareable plates. I’ll be honest, when I hear “sharable plates” I tend to grimace at the thought of dividing four pieces of avocado eggroll between an odd number of diners, or a plate of hastily chopped veg with a side of “house Ranch”, which is usually just ranch, but with milk or water added.

You know our man David wouldn’t treat us like that. For your consideration: Hamapon. A cold dish of yellowtail, orange, gold tobiko and thai chili with a crab butter ponzu. You will not be harshly judged for shedding a single manly tear of joy and longing as you re-read that. You’ll also find the city’s only Binchotan grilled Yakitori.

But listen, David has asked that this be a *quiet* opening, so be sure not to tell anyone. Just between us, got it? Spend some time lusting over the Menu before heading to Koji to make your reservation.

Tired of Crying?

Literally nobody was thrilled to hear that after a series of unfortunate events, Tired Texan BBQ would be closing their doors. Well, maybe Famous Dave’s was ok with the news, but nobody else was. While Chip and Christine Holland are now in their final week of serving at the sleepy spot, they will soon operate the kitchen of the Papillion American Legion Post 32: 230 W Lincoln St, Papillion. Prepare for Tired Texan Southern Grill, with most of your favorites and a few new menu items to sink your teeth into. Congratulations Hollands! So thrilled to be hanging onto this hard working and terribly talented pair.

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