Joseph Broghammer, “Fattie 5,” 2022, oil on canvas

The Garden of the Zodiac Gallery brings the circus to town, with “Animals: Photography and Painting” in its three rooms opening Thursday, May 26 from 6-8 p.m. Organized by Berliner Christian Rothmann, this creature feature includes an array of international artists who have approached the subject of animals with perspectives ranging from candid observation to delightful humor.

Including a range of newer and older work by artists both fresh and familiar to the gallery, the show promises to lean into the different ways that animals interact and cross paths with people, as well as the human traits we often ascribe to them.

Participating artists include Katharina Arndt, Andrew J. Baran, Frauke Bergemann, Joseph Broghammer, Paolo Dolzan, Elliott Erwitt, Michael Dressel, Peter Eudenbach, Theo Heimann, Vera Mercer, Fulvio de Pellegrin, Paul Pretzer, Christian Rothmann, Larry Sosso, Alec Soth and William Wegman.

Garden of the Zodiac Gallery is located at 1042 Howard Street in the Old Market Passageway. It is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from noon-8:00pm and on Sundays from noon-6:00pm.

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