The duo explores ancient Japanese folk tales with their hypnotic musical approach, which also pays homage to the visual experience and spirituality rooted in secret customs. Found on website
  • “Root of Two” presents The Fugu Plan
  • August 11
  • 7 p.m. show | Free
  • Bemis Center

The Fugu Plan is an experimental sound duo consisting of vocalist/composer Yuka and musician Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz to visit the Bemis Center.

Their music explores tribal and contemporary traditions, which they describe as a cross between sacred music and the avant-garde. But on another level, the songs help induce a meditative state. ( The featured exhibit by Maya Dunietz at the Bemis Center is a series of installations dealing with the physical sensations of music.

Experience the live performance from 7 p.m. to 9. Admission is free.

— Matt Casas

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