Ramon Guzman, “Succulent” (left), 2023, spray paint on wood and resin, and “Ready for my close up” (right), 2022, spray paint on wood

A different kind of portrait gallery inhabits Petshop’s next exhibition, where fifty expressive faces crafted by Ramon Guzman will fill the space with vibrant personalities. Guzman’s solo “Daydreaming,” a mixed media installation, opens on Benson First Friday, April 7.

Guzman hand-carves wood into an imaginative array of facial shapes, features and color, pushing caricature to its limits. The faces are wild and expressive, the product of Guzman’s inner dialogue about accepting reality versus chasing the dream of being a full-time, self-supporting artist. These exaggerated portraits help dispel the stress, bringing moments of humor and lightness to the psychological burdens of “what if?”

“Ramon Guzman: Daydreaming” opens at Petshop, 2725-2729 N. 62nd St., on April 7 with an opening reception from 7-10pm; the show runs through May 26. For additional open hours, contact petshop@bffomaha.org.

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