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Today’s Highlights:

  • A closer look at the rapid growth, and uncertain future, of wind energy in Nebraska.
  • Easter weekend brings a series of fires throughout the Omaha area.
  • A Lincoln church raises more than half a million dollars to erase medical debt.

Wind of Change: Energy Blows Across Nebraska Thanks to Wind Farms

Despite Nebraska’s expansion of wind energy, rising opposition threatens to slow its growth further, if not stall it entirely.

By Arjav Rawal, The Reader, and John Upton, Climate Central. Published in The Reader.


Around Omaha

It’s been a fiery Easter weekend.

  • On Friday, April 7, several propane tank explosions fueled a two-alarm house fire in Bennington, although it’s unclear whether the fire started because of the tanks or because of wind.
  • On Saturday, April 8, a large brush fire near Highway 370 forced its closure between 48th and 72nd streets.
  • home in Ralston first caught fire on Saturday, before being reignited twice on Sunday, April 9.

The Omaha Planning Board denies a request from an existing small group home at 4810 Polk Street to allow transitional living for parolees, saying it would not comply with the city’s master plan, which requires low density for homes in that area.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to get the updated booster shot before heading to any of these events.

Around Nebraska

A Lincoln church raises more than $520,000 to erase medical debt for neighborhood residents. The 14-month fundraising campaign wrapped up on Easter, with about 10,000 people contributing to the effort.


  • Senators on the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee will draft a voter ID law aimed at being as narrowly focused as possible.
  • The proposed ban on gender-affirming care for minors hinges on the success of an amendment that would outlaw just surgeries. However, opponents don’t see such an amendment as a compromise.

Local Government

The City Council and County Board of Commissioners are not meeting this week.

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Fact of the Day

From Harper’s Index

Estimated portion of Americans who
owe no federal income taxes: 2/5

Source: Tax Policy Center (Washington)


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