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Today’s Highlights:

  • The Reader remembers Omaha banker Al Schmid.
  • A poll shows overwhelming opposition to the streetcar line.
  • The debate over gender-affirming care for minors continues to slow the Legislature.

In Memoriam: Omaha Banker Remembered as Unique Professional, Caring Friend and Family Member

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With humble beginnings on a farm in Wisner, Nebraska, Al Schmid was destined for greatness over his nearly seven decades of service.

This story was originally published on in 2021 and republished on the American National Bank website. It has been edited for space.


Around Omaha

A poll shows overwhelming opposition to the planned streetcar line. Of the 428 registered voters surveyed, just 19% support the project while 68% oppose it. Mayor Jean Stothert is questioning the validity of the poll and says the project will move forward.

The headlining act for Omaha’s Memorial Park concert will be singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge. Herman’s Hermits, starring lead singer Peter Noone, will join Etheridge on stage. The concert takes place June 30.

Beginning April 24 and lasting until November, Farnam Street will be closed from 48th Street to Saddle Creek Road. The closure is part of preliminary work on the expansion of UNMC’s campus. A traffic light will be installed at 46th and Farnam during the project.

Omaha economic development official Marco Floreani says a preliminary plat for the former Civic Auditorium site will be revealed in May, possibly including a grocery store for downtown Omaha. Five years ago, Mayor Jean Stothert said Hy-Vee was looking at setting up shop there.

Ballots will start going out to voters in the Westside Community Schools district on April 17. The vote is on a $121 million bond measure to support construction and infrastructure enhancements across the district.

The Kiewit Luminarium opens this Saturday, April 15. It’s hoped that the 82,000-square-foot museum, in addition to being a key part of Omaha’s downtown development, will help inspire careers in science and engineering, thus developing Nebraska’s workforce.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to get the updated booster shot before heading to any of these events.

Around Nebraska


  • The debate over whether trans minors should be able to access gender-affirming care continues to slow the chamber to a crawl, with Sen. Steve Erdman accusing Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh of breaking the rules and being needlessly aggressive. The Westboro Baptist Church, a Kansas-based hate group, says it will show up to support the bill during floor debate.
  • Sens. Myron Dorn and Tom Brandt say a proposal to fund the Nebraska Mesonet, the statewide weather monitor, is being tabled to instead develop a strategic long-term plan.
  • Lawmakers vote 30-0 to send an extra $400 million in North and South Omaha economic stimulus past first-round debate.
  • The bipartisan bill to create a digital archive of the Legislature will get first-round debate after the six-week abortion ban today, April 12.
  • Sen. Merv Riepe, who has introduced an amendment to the abortion ban that would change the ban to 12 weeks, says he’d prefer a six-week ban over no increase in restrictions at all. Currently, abortions are legal up to 20 weeks.

Local Government

The City Council and County Board of Commissioners are not meeting this week.

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Fact of the Day

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Portion of workers seeking jobs elsewhere who believe
they are being paid below market rates: 2/3

Source: Payscale (Seattle)


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