Supermassive black hole digital illustration, courtesy, NASA/JPL-Caltech

Well, that hole is back again – that perennial gap that pleads to be filled with some alternative to the established and predictable local news and information options, that begs for a hub to corral the variety of arts and entertainment the metro area has to offer, that seeks explanation for the mysterious goings-on in the world of local distilleries, pop-ups, fusion fare, and menus without dollar signs or decimals.

A heartfelt thank you to Big Cheese John Heaston for manning the helm, and sincere appreciation and best wishes to all the writers and support staff who had a part in making this long-running alternative a success, and for letting me to be a part of it.

My special thanks, however, is reserved for Arts Editor Mike Krainak, for inviting me into his bullpen, pitching challenging opportunities to write, make improvements, and write some more – always with generous mentoring and edits – and who put up with my annoying addiction to Oxford’s incessant comma and my clockwork, regular solicitations for “one more day.”

Of course, Honorable Mention must go to fellow Arts writer Janet Farber, my go-to when Grammarly or Word-bot failed, or I just couldn’t raze the writer’s block.

I am optimistic and confident that someone or some group will take the Reader into its next chapter, or fill the void with something new, as Omaha’s is deserving of alternatives of this quality.

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